EIA special summaries

EIA special summaries

On The Butcher’s Block

The Mekong Tiger Trade Trail

Countries from which wild tigers have been wiped out or virtually wiped out in recent years are countries where the tiger has been valued solely for the sum of its body parts.

CITES’s Last Chance

Stop the illegal totoaba trade to save the vaquita

Only nine of these critically endangered porpoises are estimated to remain, governments have one final opportunity to prevent the vaquita’s extinction.

Doors Wide Open

Threatening the success of Europe’s climate goals

The first comprehensive look at the illegal trade of hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerants occurring in the European Union.

Exposing the Hydra

The growing role of Vietnamese syndicates in ivory trafficking

Our investigators successfully infiltrated several ivory trafficking syndicates operating in Mozambique, South Africa, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Keep the Ban

Commercial Whaling: Unsustainable, Inhumane, Unnecessary

It is time for commercial whaling to end. IWC members must strongly reaffirm the continuation of the moratorium and fully promote the conservation of all whales.

Serial Offender

Vietnam’s continued imports of illegal Cambodian timber

Our new investigations reveal that hundreds of thousands of cubic metres of timber are illegally exported from protected areas of Cambodia to Vietnam.

State of Corruption

The top-level conspiracy behind the global trade in Myanmar’s stolen teak

Myanmar’s forests are defined by their fiscal value and have long been part of the military and economic elites’ profits, riddling the sector with corruption.

Taking Stock

An assessment of progress under the National Ivory Action Plan process

This report supports CITES decision-making in relation to the NIAP process. It recognises that progress is being made by highlighting examples of best practice.